What Silicon and Sulfur do to your Hair?

 WBM Care     |      2019-05-30 17:10

Hair products like shampoos are used for hair cleansing and treating dry and damaged hair. The simpler the formulas, the healthier your hair. Hair are the most sensitive in their nature and care. We have to protect them from extra heat and light and have to provide them extra nutrition for their intense care. Therefore we must use the best shampoo that fits every need and also provide natural vitamins to our hair.


Why silicon and sulfur are added to shampoos?

In shampoos, silicon and sulfurs have been used extensively. Because sulfur form a foamy mixture that creates a foaming texture when applied to hair. Where silicon removes frizz from hair by applying a transparent coating on our hair that damage the hair health. Silicones detangle your hair after using; making them easier to comb and style but this constant usage of silicon and sulfur cause hair loss in the end. For your care, these shampoos are available at wholesale distribution in Pakistan in your nearest store.

Wbm Care silicon and sulfur free shampoos:

So the best practice is to protect your hair and treat them like the way they should be. Extensive range of shampoo and conditioner is available at Wbm Care. These shampoos are silicon free and sulfur free. We make sure that these shampoos provide natural ingredients to your hair without damaging a single hair. Wbm Care Ginger Shampoo are available in stores at suitable price range. You can buy Wbm Care shampoo online at retail-sol.com.