4 best tips to know your Skin Type

 WBM Care     |      2019-05-30 16:49

Skin is the most sensitive and delicate in nature especially the facial skin. Everyday care of face is as necessary as hand washing. Proper care and maintenance of face makes skin balanced and glowing. But first, you must know which type of skin you have. Here are some tips that will help you in getting exactly your skin type with Wbm Care Facial Tissue range.


Normal Skin:

Use facial tissue papers by Wbm Care for testing the oil extraction on your face. On normal skin, facial tissues absorb no oil as normal skin behaves oil-free at normal temperature. Normal skin looks completely soft and wrinkle free at the time.

Dry Skin:

Facial tissues absorb no oil for dry skin as dry skin contains less oil forming cells. This type of skin needs care and slight moisturization at normal conditions. To keep dry skin healthy, you need special care on daily basis and cream after ever wash.

Oily Skin:

Facial tissues absorb oil from the areas of face where oil cells are present and after absorbing, it cleanse out your skin and pores. Excessive oily skin cause clogging in your pores and is one of the basic reasons of acne on face.

Combination of normal and oily:

For this skin type, oil will be present on the areas of nose and forehead and other facial areas will go with the normal type of skin. For this type of skin you cannot use on beauty product for the whole face because your nose and forehead need thorough cleansing.