4 common & long lasting hazards of Sulfur Shampoo on you

 WBM Care     |      2019-05-30 16:38


Sulfur or compounds of sulfur are used in shampoos and conditioner as a foaming agent. Sulfates react with water and form a foamy layer when you apply a shampoo. It works as an additive in cleaning your hair but there are some long lasting hazards of sulfur as well. Below points will clear your ideas about benefits and loss of sulfur-containing shampoos.

Itching in scalp:

If you have any skin allergy or fungus in your skin then you should never use a sulfur or a shampoo that contains SLS. Yes, there are pretty sure chances that you may worsen it with the regular use of sulfur-containing shampoo.

Dry patches on your scalp:

Sulfur is the most dangerous element for dry and damage scalp and cause round patches dryness in your skin. If you are having a too sensitive skin then be careful in your choice of shampoo and conditions.

Hair color fades:

With the frequent use of shampoos containing high quality of sulfur may damage and dull your hair color. Sulfur rinse away the layer of hair color and makes it faded. Aggressive cleansing with sulfates makes your colored hair dry, rough and they lost their original color.

Constant hair loss:

Sulfates damage your hair follicles and hair cells start to get damaged. In the end, hair loss becomes the major issues of everyone using SLS Shampoos. The best solution of all the problems is to use sulfur-free or SLS free shampoo.

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