10 Best Uses of WBM Care Tissues in Your Daily Life

 WBM Care     |      2019-05-29 18:00

Tissue is an important product used by all of us daily. We use tissues every day in kitchens, toilet, bath room, living room, dining tables etc. While buying, you should keep in mind to buy the tissues that are manufactured by using natural products. These are manufactured by using 100 percent wooden pulp and are highly absorbent. Natural products have no side effects. These are free from artificial coloring and fragrance. Tissues should be soft, hygienic and environment friendly.


Top 10 uses of WBM Care Tissues:

Cleaning Glasses:

WBM Tissues are best for cleaning your eye glasses because these tissues are gentle enough to use and doesn’t scratch the lenses. You can also use wet tissues on your tired eyes to comfort them.

Best for removing makeup:

Our tissues are best ever tissues to remove the make-up from your skin. They remove the make-up gently without harming or damaging your skin. Just lightly soak the tissue inside the makeup remover and remove the makeup gently.

Oil Clean-up:

Our tissues are best for removing oil from your skin anytime. Most peoples have the oily skin problems. Just throw some tissues in your purse and use them as required.

Use as a Toe-Separator:

These tissues are used as a toe-separator while doing manicure or applying nail-polish. Just put tissues between each fingers and remove them after manicure or nail polishing is completed.

In Toilets and Bathrooms:

Tissues can be used in toilets after using just flushed down after using it. These are used in bathroom to clean up the foggy mirror or to remove tooth paste from the sink quickly.

As Bandage:

These tissues can be used while injured to stop bleeding. Use a small piece of tape along with tissue and make a perfect bandage.

Empty Boxes:

Empty Boxes of tissues are mostly use for keeping your pencils, pens, markers etc. These boxes have the beautiful decoration so Just DIY these boxes beautifully and use to décor your room.

For Facial:

Facial tissues increase sanitation and cleanliness. You don’t have to keep dirty handkerchief in your pocket. Handkerchief had to be washed after a day use but you can throw the tissue in garbage after using it.

For Dusting:

These tissues are perfect to use for dusting specially to clean a small spaces. You can use it in your kitchen, washrooms etc for the cleanliness purpose.