Irritated from sweating in hands?

 WBM Care     |      2019-05-29 15:05

Itching and sweating in hands is the major issue of the warm climate and it is the most irritating type of sweating too. Wet hands cause bad odor in the palm and make you feel uncomfortable in public. You get tired of washing your hands again and again. All you need is the perfect solution for your major problem. Hand soap or hand wash may be the simplest way to ease your problems, but with the perfect combination of ingredients.

The best hand soap for your problem:

A perfect use of Sandalwood and Jasmine hand soap by Wbm Care absorbs all your moisture and keeps your palm dry even in a warm climate. Sandalwood works as an anti-inflammatory and anti-septic ingredient that cleanse all germs from your hands and protects them from further growth. Whereas jasmine gives a warming scent to your hands keeping your hands fresh and giving them calm feelings.


Why to use the combination of sandalwood and jasmine?

Sandalwood and jasmine as a combination works the best against sweat causing cells and bacteria. Sandalwood is filled with naturally disinfectant qualities that provokes the growth of bacteria. Jasmine evens your skin tone, smoothens your skin and its light calming scent fills your hands with freshness. Jasmine cures wrinkles on your skin that makes your hands always looking younger and glowing. 

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