This is how paraben destroys your hair cycle

 WBM Care     |      2019-05-29 15:01

Paraben is a chemical compound that is used in many of the products for human skin care and hair care. Paraben acts as a preservative for cosmetic products and hair care products. Purpose of paraben is to save the products from bacterial action after opening the products.

This is how paraben destroys your hair cycle

Refrain from paraben-containing hair shampoos:

Paraben is added in reasonable amount in shampoos and conditioners. But it affects badly on hair scalp and hair cells. Paraben not only slowly dulls and damages your hair color and hair health but also destroys your hair cells in sun light faster than ever and that damage leads you to hair fall at the end.

Best Paraben-free shampoo online and in the market:

Many products in market claim to be paraben free but they use the tricks of changing paraben name to some synthetic name of paraben. You need to be careful and aware of all these type of tricks. Shampoo Range by Wbm care has been FDA approved against paraben and silicon. It works best for all type of hair.

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