4 facial tissues hacks that every girl needs to know

 WBM Care     |      2019-05-29 14:57

Facial tissues is one of the best invention for girls and women especially those who have included skin care in their everyday routine. Facial tissues work as a miracle sometimes especially when you have ruined your makeup. Here are some tips and tricks to use facial tissues.


Your lipstick should be long lasting:

All the women around the globe love to put on lipstick. If you are going to some party or going to work in the morning your lipstick should be fixed and should stay long. For this, you can use a facial tissue by Wbm Care. Take tissue and plump it between your lips after applying lipstick. Doing this, lipstick can stay long because extra layer is absorbed in the tissues.


The best oil blotter:

People with the oily skin have to face many issues due to oil that comes on face every second hour. This makes your look clumsy and extra shiny. When you are putting make up on your face them before applying make-up, take a facial tissue, and spread it on your face specially nose and forehead. Do not rub it then start using the make-up.

Get Perfect eyeshadow look:

Tired of eyeshadow fallout all on your face? Not to worry any more. Use Wbm Care Facial tissue and keep it under your eye then start applying shadow. This will absorb extra fallouts of your makeup and you will get a perfect lined makeover. This trick works the best when you want to have smoky eyes. 


Dry your face:

Out of town and don’t have any towel to use! Use facial tissue to dry your face. These soft facial tissues works the best in every condition. Whether your skin is dry or normal or oily, these tissue will maintain moisture in your skin and give you extra soft look.

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