4 amazing benefits of using Facial Tissues

 WBM Care     |      2019-05-25 11:50

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What is facial tissue?

Facial tissue papers mostly refers to the class of absorbent, disposable and soft paper material that is best to use on face. These tissues are available in different packing and fragrances, usually sold in boxes. Facial tissues other types includes wipes and napkins that are designed to comfort the users. Moreover, the other basic purpose of these tissues is to facilitate the expulsion of nasal mucus.

These tissues are early defined in 1920’s and then refined for many years to add more softness and strength, but the basic design is not changed. Nowadays a normal person consumes 200 tissue papers a year for a number of different purposes.

WBM Care Facial Tissues:

WBM Care facial tissues are the best product for personal care. As other paper products fiber is the main source of our tissue papers and we use virgin grade of wood pulp. Our tissues are free from chemical additives, recycled or other raw and mixed materials. Our care tissues are washable, sustainable and best for rinse as well. Our Care tissue papers can help to gently clean your skin without rashes and other skin irritations. Our tissues boxes are available in beautiful and unique packing. WBM Care doesn’t believe in compromise on the quality and purity of our products. We greatly value the trust of our valued customers.

WBM Care facial tissues are available in different size and packaging. You can find fragrance and without fragrance tissues in our collection. Our fragrance tissues includes the scents of tea tree and rose to refresh your mind after each use. These fragrances include the medical benefits also like tea tree fragrance help to cure the migraine pain while rose fragrance help to keep mind and mood fresh. Moreover, our care tissues doesn’t break down into pieces after used on wet surfaces. You might be astonished to know that WBM Care tissues are washable. These can be rinsed and dried and then reused also. Our tissues doesn’t lose strength when become wet. Our tissue boxes contains 33% more tissues than the other brands.

Uses of Facial Tissues:

We can use facial tissues for many reasons. Here I am going to elaborate few of these.

To avoid germs in flu and sneezing:

To avoid germs in flu and sneezing is quite a big challenge. There are many cures and ways to deal with flu and cold. You have to deal with the runny nose and the mess that caused by sneezing. It seems like facial tissues provides a best solution because they can be discarded after use. Many people prefer to use facial tissues because they are easy to dispose after use and it is the best way to blow out the nasal secretions.

Cleanliness Purposes:

Facial tissue is a common item available in our bags and pockets to use when needed. WBM Care tissues are designed with the purpose of hygiene and cleanliness. Our tissue papers are highly absorbent to quickly dry your skin and it is quite handy to quickly mop up sweat of your eyebrows. Our tissues are best to clean your eye glasses because it doesn’t scratch the lenses and gently removes dust as well.

To remove makeup:

The main purpose behind tissue paper creation is to remove the makeup and was early used by the women and girls only. Our face tissues are best to remove the makeup such as eyeliner and mascara and cold cream from your face while being gentle and not stripping skin moisture. You can also use our facial tissues.

Keep your lipstick Long Lasting:

Apply lipstick and plump tissues between your lips to keep your lip stick long lasting. Our tissues can absorb the extra lipstick and give you the more perfect and amazing look.