What are the skin benefits of sandalwood powder?

 WBM Care     |      2019-05-25 11:41

What are the skin benefits of sandalwood powder?

Sandalwood has been used since long to cure many skin problems. Sandalwood is antibacterial in nature so it can help to prevent the bacterial attacks, soothe sun burns, reduce the aging signs etc. it can also help to get rid of the dry skin and wrinkles. Regular use of sandalwood can help to get rid of skin diseases and irritations.

How to use sandalwood powder for skin?

You can use sandalwood powder on skin in various ways. You can make a paste of sandalwood and water and add other ingredients like rose water to make an effective face pack for your skin. You can also get the advantages of sandalwood by purchasing the organic products having sandalwood as a basic ingredient.

Are you troubled by acne, blemishes or dry skin? Instead of using expensive beauty care products try to find out the products that are formulated with pure and organic ingredients. Sandalwood can help to cure many skin diseases due to its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Nowadays it is added to many beauty care product as a holistic way to treat skin conditions. Its health and beauty benefits can help to treat skin rashes, acnes, blemishes and many other skin diseases.

Here we discuss some of the benefits of sandalwood powder.

Removes skin blemishes and warts:

Pimples, acne, rashes or other injuries are the main cause of blemishes and they leave marks on the skin, which can sometimes be permanent. Sandalwood can help to get rid of these stubborn scars, spots and blemishes. Sandalwood is also effective in the warts removal. Caused by the HPV virus.

Removes sun burn signs:

Sandalwood powder helps to remove suntan and reduce the sun burn signs. Applying sandalwood has a soothing effects on irritated sun burnt skin.

Help to prevent pimples:

When the skin produces oil in excess quantity, impurities, germs and dirt in air clog the skin pores. This results in sebum and oil below the inner layer of skin and results in pimples. Its antibacterial properties also help to fight against the skin diseases, the acne causing bacteria and make your skin flawless and young.

Reduce aging signs:

Due to the exposure of sun, pollution and dust our skin may lead to the premature aging signs. Washing face frequently with face wash doesn’t help because it doesn’t only remove dirt but also removes the essential oils of the skin. This may cause wrinkles, dryness and skin roughness and makes the skin appear older. Sandalwood powder is very effective to reduce aging signs, and it also minimizes the signs of the free radicals.

Skin Softening:

Sandalwood is also a great ingredient for the purpose of skin softening. You can massage your face and hands skin with sandalwood oil. You can also add its powder to your favorite massage and then apply it on your skin. You can also find the sandalwood hand wash and other organic products having sandalwood as a base ingredient in the market to care your skin of hands and face.