How to choose best hand wash for good hygiene?

 Natural Solution     |      2019-05-25 14:26

hand washing

Proper hand washing is the most effective way of removing harmful bacteria and germs from our hands. It also helps to prevent the bacteria spreading and keep our environment safe, fresh and clean. There are many ways to keep your hand clean and the most common one are the sufficient use of soap and water or a good sanitizer when water is not easily available.

How often should we wash our hands?

It's obvious that we need to wash our hands many times in a day, but why does it is necessary? Washing hands too much can hurt your skin, so it is best to use organic hand wash and use organic hand cream to prevent skin dryness. There is no daily quota of washing hands that you have to reach in order to stay healthy. It is all depending on what you do throughout the day and your environment.

You should wash your hands:

·After using the toilet.

·Before eating food.

·After touching some objects known to harbour bacteria like steering wheel, mobile phone or any other dirty space.

·After sneezing or coughing into your hands.

Choosing best hand wash or hand soap:

When it comes to hand washing, using liquid hand wash or organic soap bar is still best for the good hygiene. Hand sanitizers is also the good idea when water is not easily available. Nowadays, a huge range of products are available in the market, but the best is one which is organic and imposed of all natural ingredients, with no or less chemicals. You just need to find out the best and organic hand care products for better health. According to one study, the antimicrobial hand washing agent are significantly more effective in reducing bacteria, then the waterless and alcohol based hand wash. The essential oil hand wash like lavender hand wash, or honey hand wash are best because they didn’t leave your skin feeling dry and rough after wash. Choosing best hand wash is necessary for good hand hygiene and healthy life.