How to Use Activated Charcoal for Skin Care?

 Natural Solution     |      2019-05-24 16:12

How to Use Activated Charcoal for Skin Care?

The first thing that you must know right from start is that activated charcoal is not the same thing as charcoal you use to grill food items or charred wood from the fire so don’t ever try to make your own. 

What is Activated Charcoal?

Activated charcoal is obtained from natural substances like bamboo, wood, coal or preferably coconut shell that is burnt at without oxygen to turn it into char. Then the char is heated at very high temperature (between 600 and 900 Celsius) in the presence of different gases (nitrogen or argon) that makes it very porous.  In addition to that in order to decrease the temperature required for activation and carbonization, manufacturers also use an acid, salts or any other strong base before the healing process. 

Before we discuss how you can add activated charcoal into your beauty regime, here we have discussed it`s benefits for skin in detail.

A Completely Natural Solution.

When you use activated charcoal for skin care, you are assured that its completely natural that don’t have any side effects. On average every woman in the USA uses at least 12 beauty and health care products that contain 168 different ingredients mostly synthetic chemicals, additives, and preservatives which can have negative effects on skin and overall health. In fact applying such products can be worse than consuming because when toxins are ingested, the body can try to neutralize and flush them out while direct application to the skin can result in its absorption into the bloodstream without any filtration. 

Antibacterial and Antifungal Properties. 

Many people use antibacterial soaps to prevent their skin from bacteria, but the latest research reveals that it can be harmful to your skin. However, a completely natural solution like activated charcoal also has antibacterial and antifungal properties that can be a safe alternative ingredient to be used in skin care products.  Activated charcoal not only prevents bacterial infections but also have anti-fungal activity when applied to the skin. Even pathogenic bacteria E.Coli can be destroyed by it.

Unclogs Pores.

Another wonderful benefit of using activated charcoal is that it works very effectively when applied to the skin by clearing the pores that result in blackheads. It has the ability to absorb oils, clean debris of the dead cells and other pollutants. Activated charcoal is an excellent natural solution to detoxify your skin. It makes the skin smooth, clean while making pores open and visible.  So in case you have blackheads, the use of activated charcoal is highly recommended. You may see charcoal lingers in the pores after use that can be easily removed with steam or gently rubbing with a warm cloth.

Great for Oily Skin.

Many people have greasy skin and there are few products that work well with it. Activated charcoal has natural anti greasy properties that effectively cleans the oil secretions from pores. If you use natural solution activated charcoal soap then you can effectively treat your oily skin. It will help you deal with acne or pimples on your face. You must avoid using an activated charcoal mask because it can dry up your skin; however soap, on the other hand, has many other ingredients that make keep your skin moisturized.

Gentle Skin Exfoliation. 

By using ordinary exfoliators for the skin you are not only exposing yourself to harmful chemicals but it is also polluting the environment. For example, a commonly found ingredient is plastic pellet in skin exfoliators make its way into ocean damaging aquatic life. It is estimated that tons of microbeads enter the ocean every year. 

Activated charcoal, on the other hand, is a completely natural solution that gently exfoliates without having any harmful effects on your skin or the environment. It has a natural ability to remove sebum and dead skin cells from your face leaving it fresh and glowing. 

Using the activated charcoal soap will also help you to exfoliate the skin but if you want quick results then you should mix it with other natural ingredients like honey, olive or Jojoba oil for dry skin. You can even make it more strong by adding salt, sugar in it for better scrubbing.   

Suitable for Sensitive Skin. 

People with sensitive skin often needs to be very careful when it comes to the choice of skin care products that is because most of the skin care products are made with harsh chemicals resulting in various side effects. However activated charcoal is gentle enough to be used for skin care at sensitive skin. Any products made with activated charcoal are suitable for all types of skin including sensitive skin. 

Sooth Irritation and Bug Bites.

We have already discussed that activated charcoal products have antifungal and antibacterial properties that can not only cure infections but prevent them from happening. Due to these properties, your skin irritation and itching will cure. Even if you have itching due to bug bites you should apply any product made with activated charcoal and you should feel better. 

Reduce Dandruff and Makes Scalp Healthy.   

Not only you can use activated charcoal on your face but it is also an effective natural remedy for the scalp. By applying it on your head, it will have similar effects as on the face. It will open clogged pores from follicles making them clean. With these open pores, your scalp cells can effectively remove toxins. There will be no more dandruff buildups or fungus in the hair. You can add little charcoal in the shampoo before washing the hair or in case you want completely natural product then consider mixing it with essential oils or even natural solutions activated charcoal soap will work perfectly.  

How to use Activated Charcoal?

You can use activated charcoal in a number of ways; it is consumed as raw to detoxify the body, applied to the skin directly or in combination for skin care. Nowadays there are many natural solution products available that are made with activated charcoal this includes soap bars, shampoos, face masks or body wash. Whatever the purpose or way in which you want to use activated charcoal, you must make sure that it is high quality or when in the form or products are mixed with natural ingredients. Activated charcoal is easily available in the market in loose powder form or in capsules. You can break these capsules and use externally. There are several brands of activated charcoal in the United States however you must always check the source of the product. For example, there are many different ways to drive charcoal from different substances like coconut husk, wood, coal, lignite, etc. The best product among them would be derived from all natural sources. For example, coconut husk activated charcoal is best for all types of uses.

You will find many different recipes for skin care with different methods to use it on the internet. It is quite a hassle to first find all those ingredients and then make them ready to use.  

Alternatively, you can use

Natural Solution Activated Charcoal Face & Body Bar

Natural solutions activated charcoal face and body bar is a complete solution as it can be used as a face and body soap. Made with premium quality coconut husk activated charcoal and Himalayan pink salt and sunflower essential oil, this product has diverse benefits. It detoxifies, and lightens the skin while keeping the skin pores open while cleaning built ups. With completely natural ingredients this product is completely safe and equally suitable for all skin types. The addition of Himalayan pink salt has made it more effective in cleaning and killing infectious bacteria from the skin.  Not only it keeps skin pores open but makes them less visible will skinning it.  No harmful chemicals are used in these products that mean you can use it as frequently as you want without any harmful effects.