Natural Solution     |      2019-05-24 11:57

neti pot

What is neti pot?

A device that cleanse and refreshes the nasal passages. They resemble with the small teapot and usually made of plastic or ceramic. “Neti” is actually Sanskrit for nasal cleansing

How do neti pot works?

Neti pot is very flexible in design, and easy to use. It enables it user to pour nasal rinse into the nostrils that flushes out the irritants and thins out the mucus. It leads to the less congestion and easier breathing through the nose. A neti pot acts as booster for your body. It can help to get rid of the unwanted particles like (dust, pollen), mucus etc. that can lead to the sinus issues.

First of all, you have to fill the natural solution neti pot with the purified water and salt and mix it well. You can also add the specific salt mixture that is especially designed for the neti pot. Water alone can cause the irritations inside the nostrils so that’s why salt mixture is also important. Adding salt to purify water permits water to travel inside the sensitive membranes of the nasal passages with no burning sensations.

A neti pot is used to get rid of nasal irritations. It is the process of flushing out of the impurities out from the nasal cavity. A nasal wash allows a user to do this efficiently with the solution of purified water and salt. Yes of course, with the two simplest ingredients. If there is any mucus or allergens in your nose then neti pot is the first things that is might be suggested by your doctor. Many doctors has recommended using a neti pot for general nasal congestion as well as colds, sinus infections or any type of allergies.

In addition to the easier breathing through their nose, many neti pot users reports a better sense of smell and taste after the session of nasal wash. According to the doctors, it is safe as long as it is used and cleaned in a proper manner. Neti pots areavailable in many online and offline drugs store without breaking the bank (around 7-10$).

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