Natural Solution     |      2019-05-24 11:52

We are all exposed to the millions of germs and harmful bacteria everyday single day. Many of us are very sensitive about hand hygiene and try their best to keep germs away for them. Many people use specific antibacterial products to reduce the risk of passing germs and bacteria on others and getting sick as well but are they really effective at killing the germs than the regular soap?

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Antibacterial soap:

Any cleansing product with active antimicrobial ingredients added is called antibacterial. Today, many cleansing products available in the grocery stores must contains some types of antibacterial ingredients. Triclosan is the most common in all these, but some products may also include alcohol, benzalkonium chloride and some other antibacterial agents.

Antibacterial soap Pros:

·Antibacterial soap are other products are effective in healthcare places like nursing homes, hospitals where immune system of patient is very weak.

·Hand sanitizer that contains 60% alcohol levels is an effective alternative where the person doesn’t have access to soap and hot water.

·These products are also effective for cleansing tasks in veterinarian offices and homes with pet.

Antibacterial soap Cons:

·The FDA has said there is no evidence that antimicrobial products keep people healthier than the regular soap.

·The overuse of these products can also kill the healthy bacteria from our skin that cause the antibiotics less effective in the fight against new strains of bacteria called superbugs.

·Using antibacterial soap can cause people to think they do not have to wash their hands frequently.

Regular soap:

Regular soap bar is designed to decrease the water surface tension and remove the dirt and oils from the skin surface so that it can be rinsed off easily. Regular soap doesn’t contain the added antibacterial chemical but still they are effective in getting rid of bacteria and germs.

Regular soap Pros:

·Antibacterial soap are no more effective than the regular soap according to CDC.

·It won’t kill the healthy bacteria from the skin.

·These soaps tends to be cheap than hand sanitizers.

Regular soap Cons:

·These regular soaps are not as portable as liquid hand sanitizers.

·People may not wash hands thoroughly enough for regular soap to kill bad bacteria.