How to care for rock salt lamps

 Himalayan Glow     |      2019-05-29 14:06

If you have a Himalayan salt lamp and you are aware of the health and environment friendly effects of this natural beauty, then you must be aware of the fact that it will need your attention in a little different way than the ordinary light lamps to get the best advantages of it for long. Actually, these light lamps are different in nature from the ordinary light lamps and they will need you to care for them in a different way than the other ordinary light lamps.

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How to clean Salt Lamps:

If you are using the unique salt lamps in your living places for a purified and clean indoor air, then you must care for them in a way that  when you see your lamp is covered by the dust because of the windy weather conditions, then you should reach for a damp towel or a sponge to remove the dust from your salt lamps, but be sure that the damp towel is not soaking wet.After you have removed the dust using a damp towel or a sponge, then you can either turn the lamp on to dry it because of its heat or you can dry it by using a paper towel. You can repeat the process until the lamp is totally dust free. So that way, you can clean your salt made lamps easily and perfectly.

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Changing the Light Bulb:

In case, if the light source (the bulb in your lamp) is damaged or fused, then you must unplug your salt made lamp before changing the bulb. Unplug the lamp and squeeze and pull out the bulb. Now, purchase the same size and same quality bulb and after squeezing the pin, just pull in the bulb in the lamp. There will be different sorts of light bulbs available in the market, so it is better to take the damaged bulb with you to the market and buy the same as a replacement for a perfect fix.

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The Himalayan rock salt lamps are a superb addition to your living areas because they are environmentally friendly and they can act like natural air purifiers to provide you an improved and bacteria/allergen free indoor environment. They are manufactured for the internal use and you can place them in your offices, homes and other living places to offer a purified and cleaner indoor air.


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