Color Therapy with salt lamps

 Himalayan Glow     |      2019-05-29 11:31

Color therapy is used to cure the psychological and the nervous disorders. It often does not sound practical but the fact is acknowledged that the color plays a vital role in the life of human beings. Colors are a form of electromagnetic energy. The seven colors found in the rainbow spectrum have their distinct unique healing effects. A chromo therapist applies the colors and light in the form of various tools to balance the energy in the areas of the human body that lack the balance of cellular vibration.

Red light color:

Red light emitted from the salt lamp tends to raise the blood pressure, respiration and heartbeat. it excites the sexual passions and is good when we get cold and poor blood circulation the too much red light can often worsen one's illness.


Amber orange color:

this is the color of the wisdom and joy. the light color boosts up energy and appetite. the color is beneficial to heal the digestion and colon ailments the color bonds us to our emotional nature.


Yellow light:

Yellow color light also symbolizes the joy and wisdom. This color joins one to his mental self. The yellow light of the salt lamp also boosts up the energy and appetite it also ails the colon ailments and aids poor digestion.


Green light:

Greenlight having soothing effects on the heart and eyes / it helps to balance the nervous system. Greenlight soothes mental and physical ailments. It gives relief in anxiety depression and nervousness green light is good for the high blood pressure and the ulcer sufferers. The green color is the spiritually the color of love.


Blue light:

Blue light is good for the respiratory ailments and throat infections. Blue color is cool and the calming color to our system it relieves hypertension. Blue light is spiritually associated with the health and joins one with the holistic thoughts.


Indigo light:

Indigo is the color of healing brow chakra. The indigo light is good for the sinus inflammation, healing immunity disorders, the light symbolize the intuition and joins us with our unconscious instincts.


Violet light:

Violet light has cleansing, strengthening, and the awakening effects. It suppresses the appetite and creates a peaceful and relaxed environment. The light improves the immunity, arthritis, and cancerous condition the indigo light is the perfect light color to heal a migraine and headaches, The light color symbolizes the faith and joins us to our spiritual nature


Besides several other benefits salt lamp is very compatible for the chemotherapy as well it provides one with the desired light hue in dim atmosphere that is necessary to heal the person’s spiritual and physical ailments.


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