Mind Soothing effects of the Salt Lamp

 Himalayan Glow     |      2019-05-28 17:36

Orange red glowing hue emitted from the newly trending natural salt lamp reflects a peaceful ambiance in the sounding atmosphere. The glowing hue, on the other hand, gives a beautiful and enchanting look to the interior making the audience in the interior feel relaxed and calm. The negative ions emitted from the Himalayan salt lamps are scientifically proven to have positive and constructive effects on the people’s mode and temperament so having this beautiful orange lamp around you will be very relaxed and full of positive energy.


Scientific theory behind the Salt Lamp:

What actually happens is that the air around us is full of positive ions these ions are being emitted from many sources like computer displays, mobile phones, telephones, air conditioners and many other electrical devices. These positive ions are also present in the polluted and contaminated air and are also created by the natural sources like full moons. It is proved by the scientific researchers that these positive ions carry the harmful poisonous particles present in the air beside these ions are responsible for creating the feeling of anxiety, lethargy, fatigue, and depression. It is declared by the scientific searches that almost 75 percent of the world’s population is affected by the positive ion concentration.

Salt Lamp Neutralizes the Positive ions in the air

However, the positive ions in the air need to be neutralized by the negative ions. However, the negative ions are not in abundance in the air. So, one need to have some more sources of the negative ions in order to neutralize the air salt lamp extracted from the Himalayan mines contains the pink Himalayan rock salt in it. When the salt lamp is ignited and heated the salt lamp emits the negative ions in the air which neutralize the positive ions and make and bring a certain sort of emotional balance in our life. Elimination or reduction of positive ions by the negative ions in the air makes one feel more uplifted and energized. The more one gets exposed to the negative ions the more the better he feels emotionally and mentally.


Benefits of Positive Ions:

The negative ions have the positive effects on the attitude and the mood of the person. You can understand this phenomenon by recalling and concentrating on the natural sources of negative ions. How much relief ? these sources have on our mind and soul think of the moving air in the mountain areas thinks of the cool air which strikes us after the thunderstorm. How much relief ? we fell in getting in contact with it. Think of the sensation of waterfall and water bodies all these bring a sense of tranquility of our mind and nerves. In the same manner, the negative ions emitted from the salt lamp heal our mental and the spiritual suffering and makes us sleep well.

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