Natural Sat Lamp Are Natural Air Purifier

 Himalayan Glow     |      2019-05-28 16:36

Natural salt lamp by WBM International is a naturally amazing environmental friendly product having positive and constructive effects on the lives of its consumers; the salt lamp is composed of naturally extracted Himalayan pink salt crystal obtained from the pure and unpolluted mine of Himalayan range. The salt lamp consists of pink salt crystal rich in minerals that tend to ionize the air when heated and makes the air pure and clean.

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Natural salt lamp:

WBM‘s salt lamp is composed of the hand carved salt crystals in different amazing designs. The salt crystals are mounted on the wooden base made from the “Neem“ tree wood. A 20-watt bulb is inserted in between the salt lamp on the wooden base. The lamp when sourced with the electricity gives the pure amber color soothing light in your interior that gives a soothing effect on your mind and interior.

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Antibacterial lamp:

The unique mineral lamp is composed of pure mineral which tends to act as antibacterial agent when the lamp is lighted the mineral ions ionizes the pollutant from the air and kills the bacteria around making the surrounding atmosphere bacteria and pollutant free. This happens due to the unique hygroscopic tendency of salt crystals; the salt lamp crystal absorbs the water vapor from the surrounding air with the pollutant particle and makes them absorbed in the salt lamp making the air pollutant free.

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Salt lamp deodorizes the air:

The salt lamps deodorize the surrounding air the antibacterial tendency of salt mineral ions kills the bacteria that causes the odor in the air making the surrounding air odor free, thus having the salt lamp in your interior, you don’t need to use the chemical-based air fresheners. The salt lamp is found much more effective in treating the asthma attacks. It removes from the air the pollutant particles and the bacteria that stimulates asthma and allergy attacks in sensitive people.

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Kills the harmful positive ions:

Salt crystal in the lamp emits the negative ions also identified as “Air vitamins “. The negative ions neutralize the positive ions that are harmful to the human beings. The positive ions are emitted by non-natural human sources and have negative impacts on the mind and nerves of the human beings causing insomnia, stress, anxiety, and restlessness. The negative ions emitted from the lamp is also found to have positive effects on the people’s mode.

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Special instruction:

You may see the change in the color of salt lamp due to the accumulation of air pollutants on the lamp crystal. Just clean the crystal by rubbing the lamp with a soaked sponge.The lamp crystal will be again clean and radiant as it was when you initially bought it from the market. Salt lamp defends you from all kind of diseases.

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