Healing effect of Himalayan salt lamps

 Himalayan Glow     |      2019-05-28 14:58

You may have heard a lot about salt lamps benefits and you may be impressed from its glowing hues of orange that are so beautiful and mind relaxing. Actually, it is more than just a beauty because it can emit a very peaceful ambiance in the living places where they have been placed. Actually, it is a light therapy that can improve your mood and can clean your indoor environment from the impurities.

How they work?

There is a lot of positive ions present in our environment. The positive ions are produced from something that is electrically charged and we can find a lot of things around us such as the computer screen, Smartphone, and televisions, etc. All such things that produce positive ions are not good for the human health, but we have to use them for good reasons as well.


Negative Air Ionization:

According to the scientific researchers, the positive ions can be a cause of fatigue, depression and they can cause the feeling of lethargy. In short, the excessive amount of positive ions is not good for our health and for the environment. On the other hand, negative ions from salt lamps can uplift the moods and can make us feel more energized because they produce negative ions in the air.The rock crystal salt is recognized as one of the most efficient generators of the negative ions and if there is an excessive amount of negative ions in the air, then it will be good for your health.


How to Counter Positive ions:

The pet dander, dust, tobacco, and the other forms of the air pollution consist of the positive ions and you can counteract these positive ions with the negative ions. For a better understanding, you can think about the natural resources like the mountains, waterfalls and the beach where you feel so fresh. Actually, there is an excessive amount of the negative ions in the air emerged from the water evaporation process because the negative ions are produced through the water evaporation process.


Halotherapy / Speleotherapy /Salt therapy:

You can think about the salt therapy that is widely in practice right from the ancient times. This is just because of the qualities that salt have and the conditions that can exploit the best effects of it. The salt made lamp can emit the negative ions because salt absorbs the moisture from the air and when it is heated by the light bulb, then it will start the water evaporation process. So, that is how it works and how you can get benefit from the healing effects of the salt made lamps.