Unique & Healthy Decorative item by WBM International

 Himalayan Glow     |      2019-05-28 14:45

Pink salt lamp is a marvelous product offered by the WBM International for the perfect health and satisfaction of its valued consumers. WBM international’s unique salt lamp is more than the ordinary lamps having extraordinary health benefits approaching its consumers. Besides, salt lamp due to its hand carved unique designs makes it’s a marvelous decor piece that adds a splendid décor into the room in which it is placed in. The salt lamp is composed naturally occurring Himalayan pink salt crystal, gracefully mounted on the NEEM wood base equipped with a 25 WATT bulb to embellish the lamp. The beautiful salt lamp, when lighted up, emits amber color light which has deep soothing effects on the soul and mind of people.

Himalayan pink salt crystal

Healthy Impact of Salt Lamp on Air:

The unique salt lamp crystal has a rich mineral blend that makes it more rare and beneficial for its consumers. The negative ions emitted from the lamp removes positive pollutant ions from the air making it pure and odor free. The antibacterial tendency of salt lamp minerals kills the bacteria present in the air making the air healthy and clean without any side effects like other ordinary chemical-based air fresheners.

Salt Lamp

Healthy impacts of the salt lamp on the human body:

The natural mineral salt used in salt lamp possesses strong healing effects on various parts of human body. The rich minerals have strong positive effects on asthma and respiratory allergy patients. The salt minerals when came in contact with air cleans up the pollutant materials from the air and which gives instant relief to the asthma sufferers. Salt ions also when to get inhaled, also heal up an infection in the respiratory track and bronchus and tends to increase the person’s immune system. The researchers have also declared that the salt lamp also has a positive impact on a person’s mode and nervous system making him feel relax and anxiety free.


Great décor item for the interior:

The versatile salt lamp is available in various hands carved interesting shapes according to your home decor choice like pyramid shaped, Circular, bowl-shaped, iron framed and much more. These beautiful lamps add a romantic classic look in your interior. By changing the bulb hue inserted in a lamp you can change the lamp’s light hue that makes your interior look more enchanting.


Best gift item for your loved ones:

WBM Mart lamp can prove to the best gift item for your friend and loved one is the much economical rate. You can present lamp to your friends suffering from asthma. This will reduce your friend's physical ailment and will serve as a decoration piece for them as well. A mineral rich salt lamp is also an exceptional gift for the students. It relieves their mental stress, making them have healthy sleep and make them prepared mentally and emotionally for their next day assignment. Comparatively, small table fit USB specified salt lamps are available for students to BE placed on their study table.