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There are negative and positive ions present in the atmosphere. Both types of ions have certain sort of role they need to play in the world.  The role might be positive or negative depending on its nature of work they perform Positive ions are produced naturally as well as artificially as a resulted byproduct of many human activities like aircraft aerosol spray, military exercises. Negative ions that are also known as” air vitamins “are present naturally in the air but also it is created by some made natural sources like a natural salt lamp.

Salt Lamp

Effects of The Positive Ions On The Human Body:

Positive ions have an unhealthy impact on the mind and nerves of the human beings. to man's utter sorrow, the human surrounding air is replete with the non-healthy positive ions that are emitted from multiple sources like machines, digital and media display devices and any other man-made sources. Due to replete sources of the positive ions, the negative ions, and its sources have become short. By the scientific searches, it is evident that the positive ions tend to cause many psychological disorders on human nerves, like mental fatigue, anxiety, anger, insomnia, and many other such symptoms.

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Positive Role Of Negative Ions:

Negative ions in the air tend to neutralize the positive ions in the air in order to harmonize this ionic imbalance. As the negative ions, sources are deficient in one’s indoor interior. The deficiency of ions can be made up by lightening up the Himalayan pink salt lamp in an interior. Negative ions have positive effects on the environment of the air. While the positive ions in the air are “pollutant carrier“. The positive is sourced into the air due to man-made atmospheric contributions.

Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp

Salt lamp Emits The Negative Ions In The Surrounding Air:

The pink salt lamp is composed of the rare and the pure salt of the Himalayan mountain range that is pink in color and emits an orange-reddish glow when it came in contact with an electric sourced bulb. The lamp salt crystal is composed of more than 85 natural occurring mineral that is necessarily essential for the human body. Lamp crystal, when heated, ignite the orange glow which not only renders a healing and calm fluorescent to the surrounding air but also gives them mineral rich negative ions that not only kills the bacteria but also neutralize the positive ions present in the air making the air pure , clean and radiant.


Salt Lamp Cure Asthma Symptoms :

The positive ions in the air also carry the pollen's and the harmful dust particles which when inhaled by the human beings, creates a serious sinus ailments like asthma and other respiratory diseases. The lamp emits the negative ions which neutralize the positive ions and due to salt lamps hygroscopic tendency removes the pollen's and other particles from the air and make them absorbed in the salt lamp surfaces this, in turn, causes the reduction of asthma and other sinus disorders.

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