Best Salt Lamp for Indoor air Purification

 Himalayan Glow     |      2019-05-27 16:49

I wonder if I can find a way to improve the indoor air quality at least if I cannot do much about the pollution outdoors. We have to breathe pure air if we really want to live a healthier life, but the pollution is one big barrier. The government may try to reduce the pollution by different ways, but the truth is that it cannot be controlled considering today’s metropolitan life. Meanwhile, there is a way to promote the indoor air quality by a natural way and that is to place the Himalayan salt lamps in your living places to have a better and purified indoor environment.

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What a salt lamp can do?

A salt made lamp can be a natural air purifier and it can be a great addition to your decorative items. Actually, salt has a lot of health benefits, whether we are taking it in our daily intake or if we are using a few salt made products like a light lamp that is made from the himalayan salt. himalayan salt or the pink salt is naturally blessed with 84 minerals and all of them are good for the human health in a way. This salt is never passed through any sort of chemical process that means that it will always remain in its natural condition.

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Hand carved salt lamp:

hand carved salt lamps means by craft/carved with the human hands, making sure that there is not even 1% of extraction or addition to its natural state. The lamp is carved out by the human hands and it is absolutely himalayan salt. So, these lamps can emit an amount of negative ions in the air and you must know that the negative ions are the big source to clean the environment from the allergens and bacteria that can affect the air quality.

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How it can clean the indoor air?

how it causes the negative ions in the air can be the question that needs an authentic answer. Salt absorbs water and if it is heated by any source, then it can start the water evaporation process that releases the negative ions in the air to purify the air from the impurities. When the salt made lamp is turned on, then its base will become warm because of the heat of the glowing bulb inside the salt made lamp. Here, it initiates the water evaporation process, eventually releasing the force of negative ions in the air to purify the air quality.

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Healthy Pollution Free Environment:

So, that is how a salt made lampwork and how it is healthy and environment friendly. This is a far more superior option than the normal light lamps that you place in your home for decoration or for the study, etc. For you living areas, it can be a great addition, both in terms of improving the indoor look and to promote the health and wellness in a natural way. So, I found the salt made lamps the best choice to purify my indoor air in order to breathe in a clean air at least when I am in my home.

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