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 Himalayan Glow     |      2019-05-27 15:55

We mostly gift the kids with common gift ideas like watches, beautiful garments, books and study material for book loving kid, video games, play stations, fire tablets, watches, mobile phones and many electronic display devices for their indoor entertainment and sports goods for their outdoor entertainment. Today we are going to present you with an unusual gift idea for kids, an idea which you must have probably not practiced yet. Present the teenage kid with the salt lamp it will be the best gift item for them in their health regard and in their emotional fitness regard as well.

Himalayan salt products

Kids will love to have the salt lamp as a gift:

If you will gift the Himalayan pink salt lamp to the kids they will surely love it. The reason is that it will serve as a night lamp for them. As we know most of the kids does not like to sleep in dark. They want the light to be switched on while they sleep.  The salt lamp emits beautiful amber colored light into an interior which is a source of great delight for them. The light emitted from the lamp has negative ions emitted along with which have positive effects on the minds of kids and make them enjoy a pleasant and peaceful sleep. Besides, the kids will also like the lamp due to the intricate and beautiful design pink color salt crystal. Besides, the amber color light which the lamp emits can be changed to any beautiful color light by changing the bulb hue inserted in the crystal of lamp.

Himalayan pink salt lamp

Health benefits of Salt Lamps :

Salt lamps have enormous health benefits for the life of little kids.  The sinus irritation and bronchus infection along with the seasonal coughing is a common day ailment that young kids confront on daily basis. The salt lamp emits the negative mineral ions that heal the sinus ailments. The mineral ions kill the bacteria present in the air which causes the sinus ailments and infection. Besides, it purifies the air around us making the air clean and pure from the pollen and other bacteria and germs. The mineral ions boost up the energy level of the kid making them ready for another day’s task and endeavors.

Health benefits of Salt Lamps

Boost up energy level with Salt Lamps:

The kids spent their time whole day studying or playing games, often they spend their most of the time watching TV or playing on any digital electronic devices. Such man-made electronic devices emit the positive ions which have harmful and destructive effects on the mind and body of the kids. Negative ions cause irritation mode fluctuation, mental anxiety, and various such disorders. The salt lamp emits the negative ions into the air. The negative ions emitted from the salt lamp kills the positive ions present around and makes. The kid felt calm and mentally competent.

Boost up energy level with Salt Lamps


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