Scientific facts behind the salt lamps

 Himalayan Glow     |      2019-05-27 15:23

Salt lamps as you know are becoming popular day by day they have become the hot selling product in the international market. It is seen enlightened in the homes, offices, yoga institutes, commercial places and even in trading centers and the restaurants. The reasons are the health benefits that salt lamps transfer to its consumers and subscribers. The salt lamp lamps health benefits are scientifically acknowledged by the physicians and health practitioners.

Scientific facts behind the salt lamps

What is salt lamp composed of?

Salt lamps are made from the sea salt crystals mined from the foot of pure and unpolluted Himalayan Mountain Range. The salt crystals extracted from the mines are pink in color and contains more than 85 mineral ions that are naturally required by human body. The salt crystals are hand carved into different designs, styles, and sizes. The salt crystal constitutes the electric bulb inserted in the hollow portion of the salt lamp. The salt lamp when enlightened gives soothing orange light to any interior. Let’s discuss some of the scientific facts working behind the salt lamps.

Kits9 Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp working process

Science of the negative ions emitted from the salt lamp:

Salt lamps are said to transfer the negative ions into the air. Negative ions are the air vitamins. They are responsible for rendering many health benefits into the atmosphere. The fact is that the salt lamps do not generate the negative ions instead lamp emits the negative ions. This happens due to the hygroscopic tendency of the salt lamp. What happens is that the when the salt crystal is heated it attracts the water molecules present around. The attracted water is then released into the atmosphere along with the negative ions. Which tends to purify the surrounding air.Negative ions make us feel peaceful and calm. Naturally negative ions are found near the oceans and waterfalls.

WBM Himalayan Salt Lamp

Range of negative ions

The normal range of negative ions in the country air is approximately 2000-4000 negative ions per cubic meter. Near the large waterfall, you may find 100,000 negative ions per cubic meter. But in the large cities, polluted air might contain less than 100 ions. The air in such place is dense with the positive ions emitted from different technological and pollutant sources. Positive ions get absorbed in the body and they damage the body cells leading to premature aging. Besides, they cause mental and emotional anxiety and mental and physical stress. The negative ions emitted by any source whether emitted from the lamps or other  tend to oxidize the harmful pollutants from the air.


Negative ions kill the bacteria from the air:

A negative ion kills the bacteria present in the air. Dr .Albert P. Krueger who is an experimental pathologist at the University of California while his research work finds out that the negative ions emitted from any source kill the bacteria and wipes hem put off the air so they infect the people least. it is also scientifically proven that the salt lamps and salt tea light can enhance the negative ion count up to 300 %