Natural Pink Salt Lamp Benefits | Health benefits

 Himalayan Glow     |      2019-05-27 11:56

Himalayan Salt Lamp is a chunk of Himalayan Pink Salt Crystal with bulb placed inside it. It acts complete like an ordinary table lamp and comes with a regulator and switch attached to it. The natural salt lamps are used as an air purifier and for generating negative ions in the air. Negative ions are air vitamin and have deep healing effects on the mind and body of human beings. Negative ions are found in abundance in the air near oceans, waterfalls, and beaches and make you feel renewed and rejuvenated.

Whereas air in the cities is dense and is replete with positive ions which cause stress, sleep deprivation and anxiety. The negative ions emitting from salt lamps not only creates a healthy ambiance but also disinfects the environment in which we breathe in. The enlightened salt lamp emits the negative ions.

Natural Pink Salt Lamp Benefits

Salt Lamps are a source of air Vitamins:

A pink salt lamp in each room of your home neutralizes the positive ions to create an environment which is free of airborne bacteria, allergens, and bad odor. The reason you feel energized and refreshed after visiting the countryside is because those places generate negative ions naturally. You can mimic those conditions in your home and create a similar natural environment by investing in a good quality salt lamp. The warm ambiance created by salt lamp compensates for any absence of elaborate designs as it gives a warm glow to your rooms. The reddish hue due to pink salt goes with the warm colors in your tapestry and furniture and compliments basic cold hues.

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Natural Salt Lamp for curing general ailments:

Negative mineral ions emitting from the salt lamps have tremendous healing properties. They have a tendency to heal general ailments like coughing, asthma, and dust allergies. The Natural Salt Lamp does this by cleaning the air off from pollen stench caused by humidity and cigarette smoke. A simple rock salt lamp is capable of doing all this by a simple rule of hygroscope which means that salt absorbs moisture from the air and all the particles attached to positive ions in the air .it then diffuses negative ions in return which generates dry clean air. When the hygroscopic cycle of the salt lamp is initiated it eases chronic coughing and reduces asthma symptoms.

Natural Salt Lamp

Natural Health Benefits:

Salt lamps energize you like a breath of fresh air on beaches. They are especially beneficial during winters when one cannot open windows for getting fresh air in. They increase energy levels but their effects take about a week to be fully noticed. This salt lamp is especially beneficial for those people who constantly feel lethargic for no apparent reason. Natural lamps are also instrumental in improving your mood and enhance work concentration. They help you relax in stressful conditions and help you to focus on the task in reduces static electricity in the air which is a huge relief for women who fear a bad hair day. Himalayan pink salts are easy on your conscious as they are environmentally friendly and do not emit negative radiations after long hours of burning.

Natural Health Benefits

Precautionary Measures:

Just to be at a safe end, don’t place your salt lamp near any water source like dishwasher, washing machine or kitchen sink. As salt captures moisture, an excess of it might make the rocks to sweat or melt. If disfigured or damaged, the salt lamp made from the Himalayan salt lamp can always be grated and used in a powdered form as an edible salt in recipes. These positive ions need to be neutralized with negative ions. Due to immense pollutant sources in cities, the positive ion concentration has increased to a large extent diminishing the negative ions.

Precautionary Measures


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