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Certifications add credibility to any product and ISO certification is one of the most prestigious certificates for approving the quality of food for safety, healthand wellbeing. Certification is not only a legally binding contract that tells you that the product you are buying is safe for consumption but it’s also a promise that you will meet the consumer expectation.

Himalayan pink salt is ISO 9001 and 14001 certified in years 2008 and 2004 respectively. This certification is well established globally to meet the requirements of customers and give consistent service from organizations of any size.

Maintenance/Manufacturing Himalayan Pink Salt:

Quality of equipment used in the manufacturing of Himalayan pink salt is also maintained by following ISO certification. By following ISO certification 9001 in 2008 which is the latest and most updated quality assurance management certification globally, MAKING OF HIMALAYAN PINK SALT ENSURES THAT IT HAS FOLLOWED THE POLICY PROCEDURES AND PLANNING meanwhile execution of its highest level. WBM International makes sure that all the proper processes which have been followed in manufacturing the product have been documented with the management, which meets proper requirements. It also safeguards that the employees are properly trained in the manufacturing, packing and distribution of Pink Salt. 

Quality Measure & Performance:

After certification ISO also monitors that the standards are met afterwards in the manufacturing of Pink Salt. They are also responsible for measuring the performance and generating compliance reports on these performance procedures. ISO 14001 certification of Himalayan Pink salt suggests that WBM international manages its environmental responsibilities and draws an effective environmental framework to perform its duty.

It is applicable on any organization regardless of its activity or sector. Many manufacturing organizations are increasingly becoming aware of the impact they cause to environment by the process they follow. ISO 14001 certification ensures that the company is achieving environmental focus and performing its part in fighting challenges faced by the planet.


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