Himalayan Chef     |      2019-05-24 15:16


It is fundamentally proved that human body needs all sorts of minerals to stay fit and healthy. Since mineral salt  cannot be produced by the body it has to be taken orally as it provides consistent operational functioning of the body and that also supports various sicknesses and tissue remedies inside the body.

Salt with natural Minerals is no doubt blessing for our race, not just for us but also for other livings too. With all its nutrient essentials, Himalayan pink salt has also ISO Certification that makes it a quality product which is not only safe for health but its high number of minerals brand this salt king of all edible seasoning salts. Even most of the known persons (biochemists, nutritionists, and physicians) recommend it for utilizing against regular routine issues that cause sickness whether body or mind. It is because basically, the human body required natural healthy material to sustain at top of the notch. Calcium Fluoride, Calcium Phosphate, Calcium Sulphate, Potassium Chloride, Potassium Phosphate & others many Provides health benefits accordingly.

Moderate intake of Mineral Salt-Health Practitioner’s Endorsement:

Recently a renowned Biochemist Dr.Schussler described mineral salt a great blessing for the human race in a health journal. He made very plain statements about the benefits of mineral salt in food. The primary reason he emphasized upon is the use of mineral salt in the treatment of sickness whether body or mind. He is also known as the founding figure of a new system of healing that is called Biochemic method that focuses on 12 mineral salts and used them to treat the sick.

Principle of Biochemic Mineral Salt Treatment:

The human body has a reasonable amount of inorganic salts such as potash, lime, iron, and silica while any type of deficiency can lead to illness. Moreover, the tissue salts balance makes it possible for us to stay healthy for longer periods.

The new way of biochemical medicines in which mineral salt is prescribed to treat the sick has resulted in great effects. The mineral salt is given in small doses but the effects are in huge number. It treats various illnesses while the dosage of mineral salt for each treatment is determined by the specialist biochemist.

Anyone! Yes, literally anyone can take the biochemical mineral salt treatment that is lacking in essential tissue salts. The choice of the mineral salts, the duration and the combination of mineral salts are important and should be in mind whenever undergoing the treatment.